How does Bitcoin change your economy?


Forget everything you've learned about Bitcoin . The first time it was sold as a currency that was undetectable and could lead to a black economy, this is no longer the case, nor was it the case from the beginning.

Bitcoin SV (referred to as Bitcoin in the article) is and will be at some point in your life as natural as sending an email, text message, bank card purchase and signing a purchase contract for your dream home.

Bitcoin is a technology that makes you, your neighbor and the state an honest participant, where corruption cannot be hidden or blacked out. It has the property that all signed information is equal, where anyone can check any case whether corruption took place in a transaction(s) carried out by a politician, company manager, employee or person.

Bitcoin is also money. When Bitcoin is used, demand builds up and the technology which is a blockchain of data, contains the values that is signed by users worldwide.

When anyone can input contracts, securities, shares and other values ​​in the form of data that is continuously signed, one creates value and a consequence demand where several values ​​are added and changed through voluntary barter/trade within the law.

Bitcoin is a block chain where values ​​are continuously added and changed, by signing them over to new owners or sold to the highest bidder in the world economy.

Bitcoin is the reflection of the community economy where you live, with the potential to reflect the economics of all other economies in the world. You see the point.

This creates demand and adds value to Bitcoin; at least one of the most important factors of it. Bitcoin must be used continuously and be able to store unlimited data (over time), where the blockchain's purpose is to protect previously embedded data from businesses, states and individuals from around the world.

Bitcoin is a whole new way economies will be reflected and you can be one of the first, as a business, individual or nation to implement its use.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) can be purchased on multiple exchanges, but that is not what is most important. The most important knowledge about Bitcoin is that it can be used today, in your business, to make it more competitive or more automated, where the blockchain takes care of your data and your customers data without risking data losses or leakages..

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Author Vegard Wikeby
Published Mar 02, 2019
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