Weather SV - A Bitcoin (SV) Weather Application

Weather SV is a weather application running on top of Bitcoin (SV) that broadcasts and records weather information on-demand. It demonstrates how real time data can simply be stored immutably on the Bitcoin (SV) Blockchain.

Data like this can never be altered by anyone without a trace, enabling a definitive proof of an accurate facts that have existed at a point in time.

A collection of this type of statistics and other relevant information of any kind can now be simply collected and stored together for future generations to use.

The exciting part is that this application alone had already generated a whooping six million (6,000,000) transactions on the Bitcoin (SV) Blockchain.

The real growth is expected to be exponential, not by trading (gambling on crypto currency exchanges), but by a volume of useful Bitcoin (SV) applications improving the lives of many.


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Aug 13, 2019
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