Time Crawler - A BitDB Component

In the world of MetaNet, everything revolves around Bitcoin (SV) as a protocol. Comparatively, in the world of Internet, everything revolves around TCP/IP as a protocol.

People always ask, how are they going to understand MetaNet? The answer is you don't have to. The same way as the concept of Internet naturally dwelled into our mindset by way of using all the applications running on top of it like Web browsing, Facebook, Twitter, Uber and more. Metanet, will eventually be integrated into our daily way of living just by simply using the applications built on top of Bitcoin (SV) like Bitstagram, Memo.SV, Moneybutton, HandCash and more.

The key driving force to the gradual migration of applications to MetaNet will be characterized by an explosion of applications being developed using Bitcoin (SV). For the curious, you can track some of the projects being developed here https://www.bsvdevs.com/index.php .

Now, given that we are on our way to MetaNet, it is important to realize some of the basic distinction that will forever change our default understanding of search engine / crawling as we know it.

Internet is the most useful public network that we have known so far but that does not mean it is the best and last technology we will ever use. It has it's own inefficiencies particulary in its security model and capability for financial integration. These matters were finally solved through Metanet. The beauty of finally bringing the value residing on Metanet to the world lies on how we access these precious items for use. This is where one clear crucial concept comes into play - the Crawler.

Everybody knows Google, everyone knows how to search using google. It probably is the first thing you'll learn about Internet, searching the information you are looking for. This is done and achieved by Google crawling the web, navigating through links, reading the contents of the websites, and finally giving you a page of what we call a search index - containing unstructured data. Remember, the result is provided by Google as a company. If you try exactly searching the same thing over again on a Yahoo or Bing search engines, you will have different results. Why so? Because they are centralized and the results are heavily biased in favor of the companies interest - advertising pays. This is what we call centralized crawler.

Now, let us do the same thing on Metanet. Supposed you build a company and named it Boogle (because you are providing a search service), but instead of searching the web, you build a public BitDB Node crawling the MetaNet. You earn by receiving tips or subscriptions from millions of Bitcoin app developers and users around the world. Here, your BitDB node crawls the Bitcoin (SV) network, navigating through blocks, indexing bitcoin transactions containing the data, and finally giving you a database of what we call a knowledge index - containing structured data. Remember, the result is provided by BitDB as a crawling node and not by Boogle, which means if you run the same query on another competing companies' node named Coogle and Doogle, the result will always be the same - free from any bias and advertising interest. This is what we call decentralized crawler.

Another key differences between these two functions of crawling is the way they search the Internet and MetaNet. Search engines create their index by crawling through links without a predefined order, so the results can always be skewed to favor one over the other. On the other hand, BitDB crawls through time in the order that blocks are produced and kept in the blockchain, so it was called a Time Crawler.

Truth matters. In the pursuit of a truly global network of veracity, it is important that we are able to build a single public blockchain as the single source of truth. This is what Bitcoin (SV) promises. And the Time Crawler component of BitDB simply creates a knowledge index where everyone can refer to. This is a game changing model that may challenge the status quo.

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Author Vicar Calsado
Published Apr 20, 2019
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