The Richest Man in Babylon

Financial Literacy was never part of our basic educational system. Yet, our parents expect that one day, we'll do better than our neighbor. Unfortunately, after 14 years of beating from our core subjects, we still perform poorly in finance - I mean real life financial affairs not on papers.

The truth is, mastering the art of financial wisdom in early school poses a dangerous precedent of imbalance, tipping the scale towards the more influential side of the (let's call it) "unknown" - some will figure this out.

In reality, we need Educators, Doctors, Engineers, Leaders, Carpenters and more. We need diversity. We can't exist in a world full of Investors alone. That is why our foundation must be built with the so called neutral function of expectation. And then, we will be asked to choose out of our own freedom - what to pursue, based on where we probably performed best. And so we master our craft, or be left with the crowd if we are unable to rule our line.

For the street-smart, he can easily spot what he needs, how he can get it and make use of the follower breed. Sadly, this does not come naturally to all of us. Our own financial competency will be driven by our own way of doing life. Lucky or unfavored, we have all the time of our living years to figure this out.

Read: The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Apr 18, 2019
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