The "New OPCode" Fallacy

Operation Code, otherwise known as OPCode is an instruction executed by a computing machine to perform an operation. In Bitcoin (SV), this is made possible by its programming language called Script.

There is a mistaken notion in the Bitcoin community that the early developers, also known as Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers who succeeded the development of the software from Satoshi are the final authority in the evolution of Bitcoin. Thus, they can introduce new OPCodes at will. This is false and an utter lie.

What they are not telling you, is that Bitcoin when released in 2009 already contained all the necessary and researched OPCodes that can accommodate all the programmable expressions of the world. Bitcoin was way ahead of their time. And out of their fear of the unknown and unexplored power of Bitcoin, along with their mediocrity due to their complete inability to understand its imposing design, had disabled most of these OPCodes. Eventually fracturing and destroying the very essence of Bitcoin as envisioned.

Out of necessity however, unknowingly realizing their errors, they needed those unrevealed functions back. Masked as an improvement, they have started initiating new OPCodes again doing the same task as Satoshi created. However, these new codes are not the original ones. They are predatory and contentious. They simply don't have the genius mindset Satoshi had. We are now witnessing their mistakes unfold gradually.

Now, its too late. They messed up with the system. The current sorry state they are in, will not hold water for long and can not be hidden anymore. It is a dead man walking that very few people recognize. Watch as they struggle to convince people around about the new technology they are touting - "The SegWit" for BTC and "The Avalanche" for BCH. These are unnecessary. Bitcoin SV already proved them wrong.

We don't need new OPCodes. Everything we require was already there since day one. Bitcoin SV (BSV) will restore, preserve and lock them. The protocol will be set in stone. Stability matters.


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Apr 19, 2019
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