The Invention of Bitcoin (SV)

Bitcoin (SV) was not an accidental invention. Contrary to what many believed, a software developer mindset alone will not yield a system so powerful as Bitcoin (SV). Instead, it is a product of a well researched field encompassing the knowledge of Law, Banking, Economy, Computer Science, Investment, Mathematics, Statistics, Security, Cryptography, and even Theology. This was not done overnight, it counted years. The release of the Bitcoin Code in 2009 sealed the Grand Design of a system destined to improve the world as we know it - not now, but in decades to come.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a genius. Getting into his mind requires that you must scan all the books he had read (thousands) and papers he had written (thousands). You must study the fields he invested his time with. You must experience what his credentials had brought him. Though, getting nearer to what he had accomplished doesn't guarantee you discerning his creation in full. It will open up the possibility that you won't get it wrong. This seems absurd, but his proof of work revealed the plausibility.

To an average man, this seems impossible. To the knowledgeable, never assume that you perceived it in full. There is so much more to digest. It is the misunderstanding of his creation that enables the proliferation of the crypto scams we are in today.

Bitcoin (SV) was not invented to scam people. It was created to improve the lives of the many - not by changing the governments, replacing the banks, promoting anarchism and giving up your data for free. It renders the system they are using obsolete, thereby allowing an honest system to prevail. That is the vision.


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Apr 14, 2019
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