The Back-End Called Bitcoin (SV)

Unknown to many, a typical enterprise infrastructure comprises of what we call a Front-End and a Back-End substructures.

Front-End is what most people see or feel, it is the one that they typically interact with. A corporate website of a company is a very common example, another is an employee dashboard. These are the ones that make the day to day interactivity between a corporate entity and its employees or clients, fun and interesting to navigate with. This is the domain of the Front-End developers.

Back-End on the other hand, is where the data are stored and all the required components are engineered together to provide what is needed at the Front-End. This is where the complexities of computer systems, databases and all the things you don't see are kept and maintained. These is where most IT Professionals spend their time with. If you are married to one, chances are, you have been unintentionally interrupted not by once but perhaps countless times by some midnight calls, rushing your partner to travel back to some corporate datacenters. It ain't fun.

This is reality and this is what makes the digital world move. This is where millions of dollars are spent. This is where newly grads from IT are wishfully aiming to get recruited. This is where big firms get their insight to make better decisions. This is where they earn big. This is what Security Professionals are coping to defend. This is Enterpise.

The Metanet

Ever wondered how the advancement of the Enterprise can be brought to the masses?

Enter the world of Metanet. A blockchain powered by the Bitcoin (SV) Protocol. The Metanet will bring the power of the Enterprise-like Infrastructure directly to the world. It will form the BackEnd of the next generation of computing machines and applications.

The Metanet technology is a beast, far bigger than ever invented and used today. It will combine harmoniously the power of the world's DataCenters irrespective of their corporate identities, geographical locations, technical capacities, and technological resources. It will unite the power of competitors, which at today's standard is impossible to achieve. Can you convince Google, Amazon and Microsoft to band together?

The Metanet will introduce a paradigm shift that almost all of the world's Chief Technologist of today doesn't foresee yet. It will give birth to a new breed of technical workmanship. It will enhance an already existing economy that will demand a brand new skill sets. It is like waking up to a newly discovered world that once you understand its beauty, will simply make you grin and rekindle how primitive, insecure and inefficient the cloud is as you currently know it.

The Metanet will institute a better concept of cloud with unprecedented redundancy, that even if you shut down an entire data center, or even an entire country, the system will continue to function. The dependency on any Data Center or on any entity has been fully eliminated.

The Metanet will initiate a true serverless world that will overshadow the offerings of Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Their concept of simply handing over the management of your server to them will be left in obsolesence. If you wanted to have a glimpse of what is to come. Look at the serverless projects proving the real existence of an on-chain apps as compiled by Money Button here. You don't have to be a visionary to accept them. Understand and build if you want to be at the forefront of this next big thing. Not to scam people as what most blockchain projects do, but to build something beautiful for them to use.

The Metanet will launch a never before seen security solutions that will make hacking a very expensive and cumbersome task to do. nChain has been releasing patents for free, that can only be used on Bitcoin (SV) blockchain. One of which is the Key Management invention by Dr. Craig S. Wright, where keys can now be broken down into pieces and be distributed to the users and service providers. So even if your service provider has been hacked, no useful data can ever be retrieved. It is a technology of a serverless authentication wiping away credential repositories which has been the utmost target of hackers all this time.

The failure of the Internet to deliver was not because of the failure of the Tech Giants that currently dominate this field. They have done what they can contribute in accordance with their corporate interest. It is likewise, the limitation of the Internet Technology itself. It is inefficient to handle security, data and financial integration at once. Not even a private system can deliver this. It is the absence of the solution itself, that only Bitcoin (SV) had successfully linked and solved.

This is just a glimpse of what is to come. A lot more can simply be provided by Bitcoin (SV) at scale. That is why scaling matters and all limits must be removed.


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Jul 29, 2019
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