Hunger or Greed. Where Is The Proof?

Hunger has a point of satisfaction and it is guaranteed to be crossed at the fulfillment of what is lacking. Greed is what happens after you have traversed that point of accomplishment, and still wanting more, and more...and many more, characterized by a selfish desire at a greater degree. Greed has no contentment.

Everyone has an inherent tendency to display one. Without the observing eye of checks and balances, the trap of falling victim to this ugly crossroad remains imminent at all times - except for the few. I still believe on the numbers of the beautiful heart-filled individuals around.

The topic of hunger and greed can all extend to anything in life. The worst tends to come at the subject of money. The question is, how do you enforce a solution to reduce it (as elimination is highly improbable)?

The answer is simple. Feed their hunger with a system that will make them work - enough to satisfy their desire, while any attempt to drift further away from the crossroad towards the temptation of greed and cheating will simply render their efforts impractical, useless and traceable. The public ledger is always watching.

Proof of Work matters. It is at the heart of Bitcoin (SV). It governs their nodes.

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Author Vicar Calsado
Published Apr 16, 2019
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