A Glimpse of the Future

Today, a brief stress test was conducted on the main Bitcoin (SV) Blockchain. The result shows an unmatched superiority of the true Bitcoin - a glimpse of what is to come in the years ahead.

The true value of Bitcoin is not defined by the current market of speculation. Its true value lies on its use and how many transactions and applications can it support. By February 2020, the limit will be lifted to become unbounded, fully ready for MetaNet.

The list of applications currently being developed at https://www.bsvdevs.com/ guarantees the explosion of real use cases that will fill the blocks - its usage will define its true value, not overnight, but in decades to come.

The hidden economic force will play its role. And this economic force will be stronger than the current gamblers - trading on crypto exchanges, wishfully defining the value of their perceived scam coins.

The future will be built on Bitcoin (SV).


Author Vicar Calsado
Published Aug 03, 2019
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