How IV Hydration Therapy in Desert Hot Springs CA Overcomes Hangovers

Hangovers after a fun night in California can make your morning uncomfortable and give you a painful experience. They are mainly caused due to the depletion of nutrition and dehydration caused by alcohol consumption in excessive amounts. Hangovers may cause various debilitating symptoms, which may last for many hours without proper and timely treatment. These include nausea, dehydration, upset stomach, headache, and muscle aches.

Positively, people experiencing hangovers may undergo IV Hangover Desert Hot Springs CA to get a relatively fast result as compared to other traditional treatments. As the IV fluid enters directly in the bloodstream, it allows faster recovery to restore optimum hydration and supports the human immune system.


How IV Hydration is Helpful in Hangovers

While searching for IV Infusion Desert Hot Springs CA, you will know that an intravenous drip contains a blend of IV electrolytes, fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other essential medications. Each of these components detoxifies your body to cure various hangover symptoms. Accordingly, IV Infusion Therapy Desert Hot Springs CA recovers from hangover condition by following three steps-

·        Rehydration by the combination of fluids to rehydrate your body immediately to let you recover from the hangover

·        Detoxification process to remove the toxins buildup caused by excessive consumption of alcohol

·        Restoration of essential nutrients to let your body to function normally

Components of Intravenous Therapy Treatment

If you look for IV Wellness Desert Hot Springs CA, you will find the IV drips have the following major components-


Water is a hydrating solution and it flushes out toxins from the kidneys and improves blood circulation at a fast rate.  



Most of the intravenous drips have two different types of vitamins, which are-

Vitamin B Complex

Alcohol is a diuretic, because of which it eliminates most of the essential nutrients present in our body. On the other side, vitamin B is fluid soluble and when you take it orally, you cannot get good results. Instead, you often feel tired or fatigued and have a foggy mind with low energy. Intravenous vitamin B complex helps you to get your energy levels back and make your mind sharp.

 If you want to get more information, about IV Vitamin Therapy Desert Hot Springs CA please go here:-

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 retains the energy levels of the human body as soon as possible.


Glutathione is responsible for the breakdown of various byproducts of alcohol and a common type of hangover substance referred to as acetaldehyde. The body of a person runs out of glutathione when he or she drinks it in excessive amounts. It leads to a slow recovery from the hangover condition. Besides, glutathione is one of the strong anti-inflammatory agents, which inhibits the production of cytokines inflammatory molecules. Along with this, glutathione treats your pain, headaches, and aches directly.  


Anti-heartburn and Reflux Medicines

Alcohol consumption leads to stomach irritation followed by the formation of various gastric acids. On the other side, the inclusion of anti-heartburn and reflux medicines in intravenous hydration reduces the amount of acid secret in your stomach. This lets you overcome your nausea condition and tolerate your illness in a better way.

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