Literatus is on the way


Today, I'm happy to announce the alpha release of Literatus — a multilingual blogging platform where authors can publish their content for free or sell for Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV is used for all financial transactions on Literatus.

It's multilingual by design and can be easily extended to many languages on demand. The homepage has been google-translated to multiple languages as a proof of concept. Every language has its own subdomain:

I believe that it can bring thousands of transactions and non-crypto users from all over the world to the blockchain if it's used correctly thanks to its multilingual nature. People in third and second world usually tries to find alternative ways of making money and alternative platforms. Contrary to this, well-situated people usually don't seek and don't like alternatives. So I think non-English languages will be important for Literatus.

Literatus is basically equal to tens of blogging sites in this manner. It remains easy-to-navigate and well-categorized at scale even if it's run for tens of languages, similar to Wikipedia.


It's obvious that I am not able to manage and moderate different sections of the site alone. So I'm planning to offer some people in the SV community to manage the site together. I think it should be started with as many languages as possible for the success. I'll take care of Turkish section in such a case.

Current feature set of Literatus is enough-to-go. There were some other things I'd want to code before the release but I've decided to not continue until see some positive feedback:

  • Draft management
  • Customized homepage based on following authors/topics
  • Embed media support (YouTube, Twitter, GitHub Gist etc.)
  • Right-to-left language support
  • Detailed search engine
  • "Donate the Author" button
  • Post statistics for authors
  • ...

I'll be glad if you test it, send some posts, leave a comment, report bugs, share your thought etc.

I'm open to any kind of collaboration. Send me a DM on Twitter (@prayer0000) or an email (prayer0 at if you are interested in collaborating in some way or have something to say.

Thanks everyone who read the post. Hope you'd like it.

Note: I want to say that I'm sorry for using a similar layout with Medium for Literatus. I'm working alone and a bad designer. For a quick start, I preferred to use a layout which I found very proper for blogging. I'll differentiate it more when I find a chance.
Author Emre Özdemir
Published Feb 07, 2019
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