Social Media on the Metanet?

As we are seeing a new dawn in Bitcoin as BSV, an army of entrepreneurs jumped on this seemingly once in a life time occasion to become a strong economic factor in this new economy. Indeed, the metanet appears as an endless sea of opportunities. Some creative players already came up with new games or businesses that were never seen before. Others are taking what already exists on the internet and want to use the power of Bitcoin to make it better.

In this article, I will be focusing on the latter part.

Some of you may know about twetch, bitstagram, haichan and other "social medias" that currently live on BSV. Many others are in construction. It's all part of the rush of transferring the current internet to the new metanet. The idea here is that by making people commit money or putting their discussions on an immutable record, we will see the betterment of communication on the web. The simple idea is Bitcoin makes everything better.

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Author otto1
Published Mar 09, 2020
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