Our first online BitcoinSV sales

We have been trying selling our items for crypto for quite a while without success.

Our main market is South Korea, a country where everyone uses fast bank transactions and credit cards.

For this reason we thought that crypto could be fun to try when trying selling our Italian food items abroad.

Then, few days ago we got this message by Satoshi Duckamoto:


The creator of Duckcreation.com kindly contacted us asking if the Money Button page for buying Italian products was still available.

We have suggested Satoshi Duckamoto to get our Exquisite Food n.2 item, the beautiful "White Truffle Olive Oil" by San Pietro a Pettine company.


This is a great fine Italian item, that together with other 6 selection of what we call Exquisite Food, it is quite easy to ship given the size.

For us it is very exciting to be able making a sales to another country thanks to BitcoinSV and Money Button.

We believe that it is a matter of time and the transactions will grow.

If you want take a look of Exquisite Food Selection click here.

(please consider also visiting the fun site https://www.duckcreation.com/ who has been very kind trying our new page)

Thank you

Author Morello Company
Published Feb 22, 2019
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