About Art

"To Read" is of Germanic origin; 'Raten' and it literally means "To Guess".

Reading requires very rapid guessing of meaning. 

So, assumptions become necessity.

Hand-writing shows characteristics closer to Art; 

Hand-writing is both 'read' and 'looked at'.

Poetry was much more popular before Print and typography.

Because, hand-writing allowed for appreciation of style-- which extended the meaning of the work, to the character of the artist.

But Art.. in its very nature-- is an attempt to express that which has not been articulated,

And so, in the process of-- creating Art, the artist has always to battle against all enclosed structures with which his chosen medium is limited to.

Writers will fight their alphabet and definitions, painters with their colors and frame sizes, musicians with their instrument's sound limits, and photographers or filmmakers-- their lens and cameras.

This invokes a pessimistic view on the success potential of Artists...

But, we must cast the deeper questions on Art about Art's ultimate purpose.

For Artists to succeed, they must never be confused about the ultimate purpose of art!

Art is not something which wants to be read, seen, heard, tasted, smelled or touched-- 

The Medium is only the vehicle.

Art is something to BEHOLD!

Which simply means to retain within the inside after processing through the senses. 

To hold on to the self, to cause change in the individual, to keep present, to be impossible to ignore with Full involvement of the self.

And, its impact and Merit is regardless of its medium.

A perfect Art, travels through all of the senses and holds its inspiration on the individual-- Permanently.

Not permanently Static, but permanently Changing!

-- Jorge Fernando, 

Draft: 2016.

Whitepaper: 2019.

Medium: Text.



Author ganacontrol
Published May 24, 2019
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