How to block Youtube ads with Brave browser


Videos on Youtube are fantastic, we can learn lots of cool stuff and have some fun with it. But more and more video ads are showing in the free version of Youtube which is really annoying. The longer you watch, the more ads you will get.

You can subscribe the Youtube Premium to block the ads, but that will cost you 11.99$ per month. A little bit expensive, isn’t it? I also tried some Chrome extensions to block ads on , but sometimes it’s not working.

Then I tried the Brave browser, and it works really good. I’m using it everyday.

Download Brave Browser

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. The browser blocks ads and website trackers. You can read more about brave on wikipedia.

You can also get some free BAT tokens with it.

Here are some advantages I find out on their website, and I think brave really has these advantages.

1 — Block data-grabbing ads and trackers4cb1fcedd9640e593f63ec26052e5619.png

2 — A faster Internet8b0607aff5e04dd43dc8aaded843d35d.png

3 — More privacyf3f5a662c340aab4efb00d4a1a53901a.png

Have a try of Brave if you are bothered by any kind of ads.

Author FreeSats
Published Nov 13, 2019
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