My job in South Korea: bringing the best Italian food.

I come from a family of merchants and since I was a child I have always seen merchandise, warehouses, sales, logistics movements.

My grandfather from whom I got the name, in the post-war period began the commercial activity that up to my father and some cousins ​​has been handed down, trade in auto parts.

Although this familiarity with commerce has easily led me to take this path, despite my studies in linguistics and communication, I never imagined selling Italian food in another country.

In Korea I arrived for pleasure, in the end I had to deal with reality and find a job to live there. At the beginning teaching the language was the best solution that allowed me to stay for years, then after marriage, the work experience at a Korean importer of Italian wines was the spring towards my entrepreneurial adventure in Korea.

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Author framore
Published Feb 21, 2019
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