Bitstagram launched on BSV

Unwriter announced today the launch of "Bitstagram"

The world's first Bitcoin Native photo app that lets you take a photo on your mobile phone and upload to the blockchain. 
With Filters. Comes with "raw" (no filter), "sepia", "pixel", "blur"
Powered by a new Planaria machine that takes protocol images and transforms them into filtered files and serves them.

here the site:

Immediately many people started using, one of this Reina @mindstatex

Replying to @_unwriter

Be a #Bitstagram star :)!

Cool tech, only on Bitcoin SV!


From mobile camera, (and a bit of tagging), then straight to the blockchain. raw_ed747ea971ec6605936b5981f0638a0e703a0d87497f72fa980287c284a71821

We wonder how the Bitstagram will evolve!

What would you like to see added on Bitstagram?

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Published Feb 27, 2019
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