This can only be achieved through the support of a physical asset via blockchain technology


Gold is one of the commodities that has been invested in for ages and until now, there still exist gold market, but the problem has always been that most investors do not have free access to these markets and the system of a transaction tends to be very slow. Not only that, but that the process involved can be very stressful and costly. The introduction of blockchain technology to digitize gold ahs brought great encouragement and relief to investors because the process is now easier and safer. Blockchain technology is a decentralized system, that operates in a secured, transparent, accessible and fast manner. This is coupled with the fact that you do not have to go through the old-time rigour in the purchase and ownership of gold, because the team of Digital Gold has made it easier through the application of blockchain technology.


Intervention through Digital Gold

Gone are the days that when you want to keep your gold safe in the bank, perhaps from theft and other security challenges, you will be charged a lot of fees and so many laborious processes are involved. However, with the advent of Digital Gold, you do not have to go through those laborious and stressful processes, such as getting approvals from governments, filling of different accompanying forms and excess fees charged. Here, those fees have been compensated for, through blockchain technology with a low commission rate. This has been made possible by creating the GOLD token on Ethereum smart contract. It also ensures that every GOLD token that is issued is made know to investors, with nothing hidden. Investors can now easily own gold bars, just by the purchase of Digital Gold, whose 1 token is equivalent to 1 gram of the gold stored in a well-secured vault.

To enabled secured, fast and easy transaction, a gold marketplace has been put in place, on the Digital Gold platform. Transactions on this platform are instant, as your purchase and sales are done at the snap of the fingers. You can, however, choose whatever you will like exchanging with (either BTC or ETH) if your intention is to sell. Whereas, to purchase, you can purchase your gold using either BTC or ETH. Below is the link to the marketplace.

In a bid to extend the reach of the market, most especially for active traders. Digital Gold has been listed on external exchanges, such as Bitforex, Livecoins and others. Here, you can choose to use other forms of stablecoins, such as USDT.


GOLD token, same as Digital Gold

Digital Gold is the name of the project and the simple interpretation is that gold has been digitized. However, the name Digital Gold also implies GOLD token. GOLD is the ticker for Digital Gold and it is the token issued on Ethereum platform just as earlier stated. Also, it is still the equivalent of say 1 token equals 1 gram of 99.99% pure gold and it is 100% backed by the physical gold stored in a secured Bullion vault. So to own a Bullion gold bar, all you have to do is to purchase a GOLD token, which entitles you the ownership.



Researching more on this unique project makes my heart pour out with gratitude to appreciate the team for great work done. I do not mind putting all my investments on Digital Gold, because of its inherent stable value and the ability to grow as an investment.

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