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Digital currencies general can be used as payment gateways, just as normal currencies serve the same purpose, but most of the times, it is much easier using digital currency as a medium of payment. This is why I am not surprised that countries like China and some others are making considerations and already taking steps in having their own digital currencies. However, there is a better medium, when it comes to having stable currencies, most especially digital currencies. Gold is a physical asset that has a fixed value, which is why it has been considered as a backed-up for the digital form of it, called Digital Gold.

Using gold as a means of payment or for transactions has been in practice for along time. However, just as earlier stated, the Digital Gold makes it much easier and for this purpose, a marketplace has been created on the website of Digital Gold company for that purpose. The website can be found below:


I am glad to inform you that this website is very much functional and actively attending to the services of both buyers and sellers 24/7. Apart from the marketplace on the website, there are some other exchanges where Digital Gold could be traded.

  • Bitforex exchange
  • Cryptex exchange
  • Livecoin exchange
  • Catex exchangeef36303d43179d8496b03f3505764d63.jpeg

The token is an ERC20 token, basically on Ethereum platform and it is called a GOLD token. Creating it on Ethereum blockchain makes gives it more transparency, by allowing the investors to view every token issued and know the total supply with time. So, there is nothing hidden about it. It also ensures that it is well secured. You as a customer have the sole right to your wallet where the GOLD token is present. It can, therefore, be sent out as you want or wish at any time. It has some other positive sides, such as a reduced transfer fee and many more.


Digital Gold project could have been like every other project, but due to the integrity of a reputation of the team, they decided to be different and bring up a unique project. The two most important uniqueness about this project is that it is a stablecoin and at the same time a good investment plan. Imagine investing in a stablecoin that still grows. If the value or price of gold in the market can grow, then that of Digital Gold can also grow.

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Published Jan 31, 2020
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