Acquisition of real physical gold made easier through Digital Gold


Gold has a long history and it is one of the most valued metals in the history of man, but gold is the most precious of all. Moreover, this history is still counting, because it's value keeps on increasing on yearly basis. This long history as recorded started as far back as 3,000 BC from the ancient Egypt. It was tolld that all the Pharoahs and priests that time were busy accumulating gold and were either kept or used to make different artefacts. So gold, has long been valued and has a long historic interaction with man.


Gold and Digital Gold

Gold in this project is referred to a sthe physical gold. It is the gold that has long existed and that is being explored by man. However, there are difficulties in its exploration and it is very scarce. Therefore, man is on the search for more gold. The pur gold available are difficult to acquire, due to some logistics. So, to make the acquisition of gold easier, Digital Gold, which is the cryptographic version of physical gold was created through blockcahin technology, mainly on Ethereum platform. This is also called an ERC-20 token. To further strengthen the relationship between two, Digital Gold has been backed with physical gold. Which means that a measure of of physical gold has an equal of Digital Gold.

1 gram of pure physical gold (100% purity) = 1 token of Digital Gold

Therefore, for every token of Digital Gold that is created, 1 gram physical gold is stored in a vault, through BullionStar based in s=Singapore.


Characteristics perculiar to Digital Gold

Digital Gold is also known as

Diversification of portfolio and the opportunity of saving your wealth in a well-secured location

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, most especially investors and traders, now have the opportunity of saving a strong Stablecoin as Digital Gold in their portfolio. Normally most portfolios would be filled with volatile cryptocurrency, so the privilege of having a non-volatile cryptocurrency is a means of diversifying, which will help guide against the poor market conditions.

Secure gold ownership

The entire quantity of Digital Gold in circulation via any Ethereum explorer. Whatever the amount is, is what the team has purchased on behalf of the customer and is helped kept in a BullionStar based secure vaultAudits reports are being prepared in order to give the users an assurance of what has been kept on his behalf. This is, however, done through a third-party audit report, in order to ascertain the authenticity and the worth of real physical gold that is kept.

The low-cost token does not require a transfer fee

Apart from the gas fee charged by the Ethereum network, which is always very low no matter how clogged the network is, there are no charges imposed on the transfer of Gold tokens. This gives everyone the opportunity to transfer their tokens, without the need to worry about exorbitant fees charged. Also, users can transfer any amount of token without limitation to any part of the world.

A private gold proprietorship experience

The GOLD token takes into account physical gold possession while remaining private. This is not revealed to any other people apart from you, because it is fully decentralized. This is in a bid to protect its users against any unforeseen circumstances.

Ensured long haul future of bought GOLD

Gold's pervasiveness for a great many years ensures that the dear metal will remain applicable for quite a long while to return. Its long term impact and effect is certain. This is not a project that enjoys its ride for a short period and then an eventual disappearance, no, that is not Digital Gold.

Secure gold proprietorship

The full amount of GOLD tokens place into flow will be affirmed through any Ethereum square human. The amount is sufficient the value of physical gold that is acquired for the benefit of clients, and keep in a very BullionStarbased secure vault. Clients zone unit liberal to do their due industriousness by confirming the BullionStar leave review reports. All things considered, an outsider review report is given on quarterly premise, so affirming the value of gold being kept.

High liquidity Digital Gold

On the undertaking aspect, they'll ensure clients ceaselessly get the least complex help. The GOLD token guarantees high liquidity, since the token foundation organization, DIGITAL GOLD LTD, conjointly fills in as a liquidity supplier. Clients' territory unit allowed to immediately buy and sell great measures of tokens, by means of the Digital Gold Liquidity is so available on request, and furthermore the rates consistently correlate with the current gold market costs.



You do not have to go endlessly in search of physical gold, because it is already at you disposal. Kudos to the Digital Gold company, who found reasons and ways to solve a world problem though blockcahin technology. Blockchain technology is not limited to digital assets alone and neither is it limited to financial institutions, but can be of use when its comes to valuable physical assets, such a gold.

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