Why I'm building BitIndex, BitcoinFiles and BitcoinAsset

My name is Attila and I'm a Bitcoin builder - that is that I'm obsessed about creating services and products in the Bitcoin (SV) ecosystem.

The reason that I'm so passionate about building is that I believe in the massive benefits that individuals and society will experience with this new communication medium called "Bitcoin". Many things that were not possible before, are now solved problems and we have a stable foundation.

I will share my thoughts and experiences learning and growing with Bitcoin in another post, but for this post, I will focus on a few projects that I'm working on in the hopes that someone may find them useful for their projects and services.

Every single one of these services and tools is solving a problem that I have experienced and in many cases it turns out others had similar problems - hence why I put together some tools and API's to help myself and others in the process.

Projects and Services

BitIndex: Wallet API for Bitcoin SV

BitIndex.network - Build apps faster and spend less time managing UTXOs and Wallets (XPub keys) with an easy-to-use API.

The original problem for me was having a reliable and fast way to get UTXOs for addresses and Xpub keys.

When Ryan X. Charles talked about needing an 'Xpub Index' in November, 2018 is when I realized that other people had the same problem that I was already solving for myself.

I spent the month of December and January building out BitIndex.network to make it a reality. Coming soon is full Insight API compatbility and webhooks. Check out the API documentation to get started and let us know what you think!

BitcoinFiles.org: Media Uploads and Content Publishing

BitcoinFiles.org Save and share content, images, and files on the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain.

The original problem for me was to be able to store code and media assets on the blockchain for Matter (Rebirth coming soon!)

Then _unwriter released b:// protocol and that's when I knew that this was a stable base to build on top. In a week, I put together the ability to upload files, media and blog posts at BitcoinFiles.org

Now BitcoinFiles serves the purpose as a infrastructure for developers to be able to query b:// files and reliably link to them via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Here's the whitepaper, all stored on chain


Or the CDN link (notice the "media" subdomain)


And here is an image in the whitepaper linked via CDN:


bitcoinasset:// Digital Token Assets

bitcoinassetjs - Create and manage (non-fungible) digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The original problem for me was to be able to have a consistent transactionId that we can reference and use to update and transfer ownership for Matter

Create unique art, ebooks, media and more. Be able to transfer ownership of limited edition items to other users.

Create any kind of item that benefits from ownership. You can build Crypto Kitties or any other kind of digital property. The only limitation is your imagination.

Design Goals

  1. A simple and flexible way to create, update, and transfer (non-fungible) digital assets on the blockchain.
  2. Use web existing standards, including the Bitcoin Data Protocol (b://), to maximize compatibility.
  3. Efficient state and ownership resolution: The time to resolve the current owner should be done in <= O(n) operations, where n is the total number of ownership transfers of the asset during it's lifespan. The time to resolve the current state of the asset should be no more than O(1) lookups

There is even API support for Bitcoin Assets on BitcoinFiles.org and more coming soon: https://media.bitcoinfiles.org/asset/364aeca04e251328470bcebb7d3a877944c6c39b5250f17cbeece88af459fdfa

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Published Feb 25, 2019
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