A review of the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network Wallet called BlueWallet.


A lightning enabled wallet called BlueWallet is reviewed on the basis that it provides the most user friendly experience for regular users when it comes to the Bitcoin (BTC) lightning network (LN). The user experience is contrasted to that of using the well known on-chain wallet called HandCash (though the comparisons are true for several modern mobile BSV and BCH wallets). It becomes very clear during the review that to provide a tractable on-ramp to the lightning network, for regular users, the overall user experience is lacking in the areas of security, reliability, privacy and custody of funds. Furthermore, a number of technical problems were encountered with the wallet, including loss of funds, but even if none of those problems occurred, given that the experience is competing with other modern fiat based payment systems, it is concluded that the complete user experience is one that is hardly likely to be the future of mass adoption. This is not a criticism of the wallet developers (though they are the ones responsible for the current technical issues with the wallet), but it is a consequence of the way the lighting network works; it seems like it may very well be impossible to make a lighting wallet that is user friendly enough for normal people to begin to even consider switching from incumbent payment systems.

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Author Trevor_Parsons
Published Feb 14, 2019
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