Unpopular History of Hi-Jacking of Bitcoin | BTC vs BCH vs BSV | Lets assume CSW is NOT Satoshi

I am going to give it another shot in explaining Bitcoin's history, in particular its hi-jacking (which happened TWICE) which resulted in 3 chains (BTC / BCH / BSV) all of which go back to Bitcoin Genesis block, and I am going to give you a reason why focusing on whether or not Craig Wright is Satoshi or not, is really bad idea.

If you do'n't know all this, I am sorry but, that means that you really have no clue what is Bitcoin or what is going to work long term. If that is the case, you should stop reading news articles as they are full of propaganda, or watching YouTube videos of people who talk about price and charts as they will not inform you about any of this.

So, you now have a chance of (RE)LEARNING about BITCOIN (SYSTEM) properly so that you are able to recognise what is a real Bitcoin and what is a scam that abuses Bitcoin name... you should DYOR and stop listening to traders, they are worst people to listen to when it comes to learning about Bitcoin (or anything else Bitcoin related), and if you chose not to, well that is going to be your problem... I can only lead you to water, its up to you if you want to drink it... figuratively speaking.

Author EdinK
Published Jun 02, 2019
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