I am -ED- and this is my Bitcoin story

Hi everyone, my name is Edin, some may know me as -ED- on YouTube, Yours.org or Memo (sv.memo.cash), I am a somewhat long term supporter of Bitcoin (the system) and, fighting against mass of propaganda against Bitcoin system and its adoption, trying to educate people about what Bitcoin really is, why it was created and so on.

My crypto journey started in Jan 2017, after I had a look at this Bitcoin for the first time, I didn't know anything about it, all I heard was that it was this new form of money, decentralised money, how it is not issued by any bank or government and how because its soo good, it has gone up in value over the years and how its goin to go up much more in value in the future... so I thought to myself, why not get 1 of these Bitcoins, and see how it goes, at that time value of 1 BTC was around AUD$1000, which was around USD$700 or so.

And then I started to watch videos from all kinds of people on YouTube, wanted to learn more how it works, and little later while I still thought it was just something like a possible investment, I went and I bought 1 more BTC thinking I am going to sell it when it doubles in price and have 1 BTC left which would not cost me anything even if over the years it turns out to be a bad investment and doesn't work out to be what everyone was saying it will become... a global money.

At some point later, I started learning more and more about it, how it actually works (still on surfaced level only and very much a noob) but then I also started paying attention and learning what Fiat money is, how fractional reserve lending works and how its actually a scam... and then it started to dawn on me that value of Bitcoin was not so much in just price increase, but in it actually providing the world with a much better, fair monetary system and payment system, which could potentially (if everyone ends up using it) make Central Banking obsolete, as no one would be willing to take their inflationary imaginary Fiat money, and they would lose their Monopolies, which would be a MASSIVE benefit for the whole world.

But... then I also started going to Reddit r/bitcoin, which was at the time the main place where poeple would make posts about Bitcoin, BTC, and this is how I learned about scaling debate... and this is the point where I started figuring out that this Bitcoin, the greatest monetary system invented by this unknown person calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto

This is how I learned that Bitcoin system is already being compromised, and fight for its survival was already going on, because the very developers, people who call themselves Bitcoin Core developers, were actively trying to undermine the longivity of the Bitcoin system, by creating artificial limits which they no longer wanted to remove, they refused to scale on-chain, using Bitcoin system, and instead, they had massive propaganda campaign going on on r/bitcoin where people are being massively banned and their posts deleted as soon as they questioned the direction of these Bitcoin Core developers, and I became one of the people who got banned there also, as soon as I started asking the same questions.

This lead me to r/btc, it was then a refuge place for people who wanted to scale on-chain... or at least so it looked like at the time, year later it turned out that many people who were in r/btc also got compromised and they deviated away from Bitcoin system and wanted to make something else.

Fast forward 2 years later, here we are with 3 blockchains that originate from first Bitcoin block, the Genesis block... BTC, BCH and BSV but only one of them still works as Bitcoin... you know... the one that is defined in the Bitcoin white paper.

So this is the long story... and there is way more to it, feel free to visit my YouTube channel here:


Learn about scaling debate, if you haven't done so already... you have to in order to understand the forks of Bitcoin and to be able to see massive amount of propaganda around it.

I have not yet sold any of the coins I bought, even when it went way more than double, because I did not want to go back into the Fiat system as by then I understood that Fiat system is dying and Bitcoin system is just coming alive... and that Bitcoin system is the future.

There is A LOT to learn about it, Bitcoin has many layers, many different aspects and so far I know of only few people who actually understand it fully. I dont understand the code, as I am not a coder, but its fundamentals, working principles, I do, and I like them a lot... which is why I am supporting it.

Bitcoin is BSV, and things are just starting... thank you for reading...

Author EdinK
Published Feb 21, 2019
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