Bitcoin BTC cannot be saved by price increase only. HODL alone simply will not work.

Every blockchain that is based on PoW principle, MUST BE USED by the masses in order to sustain itself. Price increase alone will not cut it. Just HODL will kill BTC & you will lose all your money you put into it. Same thing applies to every other PoW based blockchain... its just a matter of time.

Also, I am sorry to tell you but Lightning is not going to make any difference, Lightning is just an illusion of giving you ability to use BTC in it... there is no such thing. You are not using BTC in Lightning, if you believe you are, you have been fooled by Lightning network promoters who are liars and shills for Blockstream and bankers that control Blockstream corporation.

Craig, Calvin & nChain guys, know this very well, it is why they are building up Bitcoin SV, an actual Bitcoin system based blockchain, which scales already more than 100x better then BTC and has way more use cases already, for the future, while crooks are scamming you by telling you to buy useless Ponzi scheme BTC SegWit altcoin, and to HODL that crap.

Check this article which says the same thing:

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Author EdinK
Published Apr 09, 2019
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