Property Management for Dummies

Here's what you learn after almost a decade of managing rental properties: People fucking suck.

After nine years of ownership, twelve tenants, countless dollars spent on bills, maintenance and repairing damage inflicted by people with no respect for other peoples property and two years of non-commital, passing thoughts on selling the apartment the inevitable final straw has broken this camels back.

The adventure of buying my first investment property was met with a lot of, "You're buying it by yourself?", "How much is your father/husband contributing?" and "You can afford this as a single person?" followed by months of proving myself and fighting brokers who didn't think I knew my rights and entitlements, I'm sure the adventure into selling my first investment property will be equally fraught with nonsense obstacles. In fact, so sure of it that it feels like a vice has locked around my organs. A fever of anxiety is creeping across my forehead and any minute now I could go me a nice depression nap just to avoid the reality of this.

The apartment I'm now selling was my first proper home, the first place that was mine and mine alone (or at least, mine on lay-by from the bank) and the happy memories and experiences I still attach to it have kept me blinkered to the possibility that it may be time to move on to the next stage of my life.

The experience of property management has been both enlightening and burdensome and now that I have become fully aqquaintence with the inherently lazy, disingenuous side of humanity it would be nice to move on and seek out the light in people, should there be any left in the world.

Despite the overall gloomy message of this post, we strive forward and we strive forward and we hope things get easier and we hope things get wholesome and I think that goes for just about every person and situation in life.

Author Ecrivain
Published Mar 02, 2020
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