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If you have values that differ from others, is inequality inevitable in all societies?

No I do not envisage that inequality is inevitable in all societies, if peoples values differ.

I relate this answer to the term "Equality" in its most stripped down, basic definition i.e. "The state of being equal ."As in all human beings are created as equals and a life is a life weather rich poor criminal whatever.



noun noun: equality; plural noun: equalities

  1. the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities."an organization aiming to promote racial equality"
  2. synonyms:fairness, justness, equitability, impartiality, even-handedness, egalitarianism, equal rights, equal opportunities, non-discrimination; justice, freedom, emancipation; rarecoequality"the union's efforts to promote equality for women"


  1. a symbolic expression of the fact that two quantities are equal; an equation.

There's so much confusion and arguement about this term that it's not funny one bit.

So where do we start? I say from the bottom. The rich and high class I dare say aren't in as much need as the masses of people who are knocking on deaths door due to no fault of their own , simply being born in the wrong country.

But before i even begin a few massive obsticles

  • The google search engine, the deliberate weaponization, manipulation ,i could go on, of the world's primary entry point when it comes to the quest of gaining knowledge ,trying to have a discussion , trying to communicate and archiving data, for monetary gain of course for a private entity. Making our quest for even entering into a basic communication controlled and influenced by an algorithm and the intentional dumbing down of the world's population by feeding us a diet of non relevent data to the tasks which we are trying to acomplish.
  • The masses arguing about the details of the phenominom of things like climate change while on the news tonight you won't hear of a child dieing every five seconds of hunger.
  • Even a google search to find where true inequality exists in the world to try and think about, then do something to tackle it is not a simple task, and once again you won't see this on tonights news.
  • The non prioritization of a concentrated effort by the superpowers of the world and even the majority of the world's population to start at the worst places on earth for human being equality ,where a human life is worth less than that of a wild animal and in some cases nothing at all , and people are just left to die or rot in a gaol cell for the rest of their lives with no hope of survival or anything resembling a chance at a decent existance. This is what i call true inequality and don't believe it should be bunched with the stereotypical equality debate.

This is an emergegency situation about human equality life and death, and isn't going away,and data to tackle this issue doesn't exist to my satisfaction ,it should be at the top of googles search results not buried under ten pages of wiki text....,im talking Youtube, Facebook ,Twitter search results ,type in equality and there it is, also full documentaries not spam, the public should demand government data on where the inequality is worst and how many are dieing or rotting in gaol for marijuana or the disease of drug addiction, which require long term rehabs and phsychiatric facilites,

Also refugees , surely a concentrated effort could allow mass settlement and transportation of refugees into various government designated areas.

Finally as the population of the world is increasing we are losing more lives to inequality in it's purest sense than even in wars,and we are swimming against a stong current and being swept further out to sea in our quest to provide basic human equality .

I believe most people in the world aren't bad and would not leave people to die.i apologize for only focussing on this emergency mass inequality.The archiving of death statistics and people in gaols and refugee camps and homeless and poor people should be top priority and on the news regularly and at the top of search results and is a responsibility of every country's government to provide these statistics and data.

Back to the question this post is attempting to answer. No, most people in their hearts believe in equality of human life but the concentrated effort is not being put into place to advance the remedy of the problem of human life inequality. And there will allways be people that don't believe in equality. The question of race equality is a different problem and the best i hope we can achieve is constant progress in a positive direction ,not a deterioration into world war and total anarchy and chaos.The great thing is that so many people want and are trying their hardest to improve the world and the wheels are in motion billions of people can't be wrong and will eventually overthrow regiems that are letting their people die.

I may delete this at short notice.

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Published Aug 08, 2019
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